1448 M Tiller BOAT COVER W-TM

1448 M Tiller BOAT COVER W-TM
Item Number: 67337
  • $368.00
Fits factory standard trolling motor. Cannot guarantee fit on larger or smaller motors.

Fitment confirmations are tested on boats, as they come stock from the boat manufacturer, if you have made any modifications to the boat or have added any accessories (rod holders, fish finders, trolling motors), this may impact the fit, or prevent the product from fitting.

It is your responsibility as the boat owner, to determine if the cover will fit based off the knowledge or images you provide our experts.

If you have any questions, please contact our product specialists to determine whether a cover will fit your application, by clicking here or call 800-550-7655

  • ROUGHNECK - 1448 M - 2001
  • ROUGHNECK - 1448 M - 2002
  • ROUGHNECK - 1448 M - 2003
  • ROUGHNECK - 1448 M - 2004

Product Specifications

SKU 67337
Console Type Tiller
Cover Attachment Trailer Straps
Trolling Motor Yes
Pole Count 0
Snap Count 0
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