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With the touch of a finger, seat angle and cushion pressure can quickly be adjusted.



Dowco Marine’s new patent pending boat suspension seat that is reshaping the way fishermen think about their seating needs and the features needed to maximize on-water performance.

As the leader in marine innovation, we set out to improve comfort, functionality and safety in boat seating. Our goal was to design a fully-customizable and amazingly comfortable seat. The only “shock absorption” seat with integrated adjustable seat base and back, CruiseAir is quickly becoming the choice of champions.

Adjustable on the fly

Airflow pump allow adjustable controls to the full seat, and full seat back, over inflation protection, up to 6” adjustability in back, and 4” in seat base.

Safe & Secure Riding Position

Puts a boater into a safe/secure riding position, longevity on the water, reduce the after-effects of running a boat on rough water, ability to handle the boat and maintain control.


Fully inflates or deflates in 6 seconds, the only shock absorption seat with integrated adjustability in the seat base and back.

What the pros have to say about the CruiseAir seat

CruiseAir Innovation

CruiseAir quickly and easily adjusts to a wide range of motion for both the fisherman’s driving position and body dynamics. Typical fishboat seats only accommodate the driver’s position at idle and low speeds.

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Seat Width Dimensions
Seat Depth Dimensions
Seat Base Dimensions
  • Waterproof Switches
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Infinite Adjustability
  • Customizable to all body sizes and shapes
  • Electronics enclodes within the seat


30 - 60 Min Install Time

  • 1. Remove the existing seat from the boat, release the seat from the seat bracket/slider plate that is mounted to the boat. Unfasten or unscrew the portion of the seat bracket that is attached to the underside of the seat, place that bracket onto the bottom of the Cruise Air seat to identify which screw inserts match (figure A)

    2. Secure the bracket to the bottom of the Cruise Air seat using the screws from your old seat, locate the wiring ends of the Cruise Air seat and identify how you will connect the Cruise Air seat to your boat’s power source:

    • - AUX plug receptacle
    • - Hard wire directly to dash electrical
    • - Use of fuses or connecting wires direct (black to black, red to red)

    3. Secure Cruise Air seat to the portion of the bracket mounted to the boat or pedestal

    4. Test the seat so the it operates properly and is secure (slide feature works, locking feature works, etc.)

    5. Connect the seat wiring to the boat’s electrical system

    6. Test the Cruise Air seat air suspension system by using the switches located on the right side of the seat.

    • - Inflate/activate the seat cushion (bottom)
    • - Inflate/activate the seat back rest

    You’re ready to use CruiseAir!

    Figure A
  • Anyone should be able to swap out their existing seat for a CruiseAir seat, if the wiring task is a concern we recommend that they take the boat to a local dealer to assist.

    • Screwdrivers
    • Adjustable wrench, socket set, pliers
    • For wiring (if direct wire) – wire cutter, wire stripper, electrical tape
  • We designed CruiseAir with many different mounting locations, to be certain that the seat would work with most OEM seat bracketry on the market today. Please review the diagram below to confirm, hole locations work with your application.

    Seat Base Dimensions
I need my cruiseair seat - Ott Defoe

Pro fisherman Ott DeFoe knows what it takes to compete for long hours at peak performance. Below, Ott demonstrates a typical seating position with CruiseAir’s backrest relaxed vs. fully extended. Note the added support and improved posture that CruiseAir provides.