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Premium Ratchet Covers

Premium Ratchet Covers

The Ultimate In Fast & Easy Cover Installation

ClimaShield® Plus Fabric is 2x Stronger & 3x More Water Resistant than the Competition

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Dowco custom-fit covers are easy to install And remove, perfect for trailering, mooring, or storing. Our exclusive ratchet fastening system secures the cover to the boat, eliminating the need for snaps and numerous trailer straps.

  • Eliminates the need for snaps on the gunnels
  • Integrated vents allow moisture to escape while allowing the cover to compress while trailering
  • Protects the boat’s interior from dirt, water, and UV light
  • Access panel with hook & loop closures allow for cleat and fuel fill access
  • Specifically engineered for trailering
  • ClimaShield® Plus fabric is durable, water-resistant, and breathable with excellent UV & fade resistance, and backed by a 6-year limited warranty

Features: How It Works

CoverLift™ Water-Shedding Technology

The all-new, patent pending CoverLift system is an innovative built-in cover support system that means no poles, no crawling under the cover, and no pole failures leading to cover or boat damage. A heavy-duty rope ratchet and woven strap support system is integrated into the underside of the cover. Once the cover straps are attached to the boat, simply pull on the rope ratchet to create tension on the straps underneath. The straps rise up creating a ridged tent effect so that water will run off the cover and not puddle. This system is designed to be used for both storage & towing. CoverLift is only included on select models that have a walk thru windshield.

Support System

Cover Support System

Lifting straps & ratchet are integrated into the cover.

Water Off

Coverlift System Ensures Water Run-off

Straps create a raised tent effect to direct water runoff.

Easy to Install Coverlift Straps

Simply place the metal strap connectors located on the ends of the CoverLift straps over the mounting buttons fixed to the inside of the gunnel receiver at the stern and bow deck for a secure, positive attachment. Then open the pocket at the bow and tighten ratchet.

ClimaShield Plus Is 2x Stronger & 3x More Water-Resistant

Dowco’s ClimaShield® Plus is a 7.5 oz, 600 denier solution-dyed polyester fabric provides superior UV protection and fade resistance. The woven fabric is further enhanced with Durable Water Repellant (DWR), plus a urethane undercoating to increase longevity and durability. The anti-microbial coating makes the material highly resistant to mold and mildew. This top-quality fabric is highly resistant to shrink or stretch ensuring a tailored and secure fit for years to come; backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Maximum Durability & Longevity

As most experienced boaters know, one of the first things to go on typical covers and tops is the stitching. While many manufacturers cut cost with a cheaper, low-cost thread, Dowco ClimaShield Plus covers and sun tops are sewn with a premium Coats® dabond, continuous filament (CF), polyester thread which is twisted for extra strength and durability. While more costly, this superior industrial thread provides excellent UV, mildew, and rot resistance.