Loaner Snap Tool Program

You've purchased your cover, unboxed it and found the snaps aren't installed...why not? Every boat cover's snap placement is unique to the boat it is paired with, so you'll need to have the cover's snaps matched to fit your boat. If you didn't already take advantage of our loaner snap tool program when you ordered your cover, you can still take advantage of it, or you can locate an upholstery or canvas shop and work with them to install your cover snaps.
» Snap Tool Instruction Sheet

Work With Upholstery Shop*

*Highly Recommended. Work with a local upholstery shop in your area to have them install.
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Purchase Dowco Snap Tool*

Purchase our easy to use cover snap tool for $100, with the option to return within 30 days after using it for a full $100 refund


Buy Snap Tool

$100 Fully Refundable Deposit
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Install Snaps

How to use it?
Download Instruction Sheet
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Return Tool

Ship to:
Dowco Marine
1610 Frisco Drive
Lebanon, MO 65536

Installing Cover Snaps


Dowco Marine is NOT responsible for incorrect installation of snaps on your cover, and provides the loaner snap tool to help customers complete their Dowco Marine purchases. It is your responsibility to install the snaps to fit your boat, and you assume all risks associated with using the snap tool. We will not offer warranty services for covers damaged by incorrect installation or use of the snap tool. If you do not feel confident operating the tool or installing snaps yourself, please find your local upholstery shop and work with them.

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